Great tasting food by great people providing great customer service
Romano's has a solid pizza. I do wish they sported more of a traditional pocket style calzone, but I didn't feel cheated ordering one. While good, I do think there are better pizzas in the 20 mile area for a similar price point. I come here for convenience and for particular things. For something different, I recommend getting the carne asada pizza but substitute the bean base for marinara instead.
By far the best pizza in Cathedral City. It blows Dominos & Pizza Hut away, and at excellent prices. The only place I'll go!
Walked in and ordered the Carne Asada Sub, and it was the best thing ever. Served lettice, tomato, mayo, mustard and onnion. On a crispy bun right out the oven. So good I ordered one the next day, but with great disappointment, it was nothing like the might before. Came with onions, tomatoes, and on a soggy bun. So bad i dint eat but only quarter of it and threw the rest out cause it tasted off. Will go back but wont order ahead of time this time
They have great Pizza. Love their hot wings and the Romano's cheese bread is great too!!!
Great pizza and value.
My family was in the mood for a pizza and I decided to break from the typical chain establishments they are used too. After doing a quick search on Yelp, I came upon this newly opened establishment. It's pretty difficult to find a decent pizza in the desert. However, not if you order takeout from Romanos because you'll receive a great pizza that surpassed any I had in New York City! The pizza was not only fresh, but extremely tasty and most importantly, the crust was perfect. I'm sure they are going to have to expand, as word of mouth gets around to how great this place is. The prices are extremely reasonable and I don't know how they can make such an awesome pizza at the excellent prices they have. Do yourself a favor and order from this place, it's definitely worth the drive out. They do other items too like subs and salads that I didn't try, but the chicken wings were also great and crunchy just as I like them. The Coachella Valley needs more restaurants like this one: family owned, great food, excellent value, and friendly service. I'll definitely be back to support them!
Love their sandwiches they are fast and very friendly I would recommend this place for For pizza sandwiches and salads
Great customer service and Great Pizza!!! For a good price!!! Clean and neat inside the shop Toppings were good and full on each slice!!!
My friends and I tried this take out restaurant a few days ago. There were so many great reviews on a discussion on Nextdoor. We all wanted to try it. I got the chicken parm sub, and they got the Italian subs. We all liked our food very much. Everything was really good, big subs. I only ate half of mine. My friends are all of theirs. We all said we would go here again. I can't wait to go again. So many good things on the menu. They don't have printed menus but there are pics on here with the menu pics. There was 1 pic missing, so I added it.
"He works haRRRRd for the money! Soooo haRRRRd for it, honey! He works haRRRRd for the money, So you better FEED him right!" :*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:* Cathedral City locals.... Romano's, while fairly new to the scene - is your neighborhood Tuscan concatenate. Well, I guess Palm Springs Airport would be another one. (...scratches head...) But this review ain't about them! Purveying pies, salads, wangz and subs to the famished, weary and faint of heart, this joint is just what the doctor ordered; served with a side of ranch and a bowl of pepperoni awesome-sauce!!! "Deep dishing" from Vista Chino and Landau, :*:*:*:*:*:*: sweet DONNA SUMMER!!!, .... if this wasn't a great find! I landed upon this Sicilian slice of Heaven after surviving the trek from LA whilst craving cold cuts void any additional (open) options around. I dare not give a dime to Round Table and ....Pizza Hut...Domino's and Subway simply weren't going to cut it. So stepped Romano's proudly onto the forefront. Open til' 10:30pm, this is TRULY your place to go when you've got a hankering for dough, but find yourself short of it! ***** "Stamp your feet"! $8.00 affords one a large pan pizza and the equivalent in price will "toss" ya' a fresh off the press Italian sub. ***** "Could it be magic"? Having had 2 in less than a week (I returned just hours ago), I'm hand tossing 5 stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up as while the lemon pepper and BBQ wings will have you flying, .......THE PASTRAMI, served piping hot and hand cut is a double desert HOMERUN; perfect for desert dwellers in search of some "hot stuff"! Ahhhhhhh Romano's. ***** "I lovvve to lovvvvvvve ya', baby"!